E2J+ provides you a way to bring together the Japanese market and clients. To develop the Japanese market for your business, we provide translations, website designs, freight forwarding, and act as your customer service.
E2J+ is a group of translators and web designers. Our main focus is generating new customers for small American businesses which have unique products that Japanese people may like. We translate websites, help to make advertisements, and provide customer service in Japanese for small businesses. We specialize in helping small businesses access the Japanese market!

Why should you care about the Japanese market even though it's a small country? Because Japanese people are always looking for new and unique products! They like items that aren't available in Japan and no one else has yet. Small businesses always have a great chance to expand if they have not reached out to the worldwide market.

We also help to get products from Japan to your business in America. Are you having difficulty importing products from Japan? Call us!

We are small business specialists. We are here to help anyone who has an interest in finding Japanese customers or bringing Japanese products to America.

We help with anything related to Japan!
Translation +
E2J+ provide you the Japanese market!

Our translation services are specialized for the Japanese market and Japanese consumers.
We don't just translate texts to texts. We translate all of your website, FAQs, email templates, and advertisements with experienced marketing advice for your business.

Web Design +
We create all of your website materials including the website itself. Also, we provide consulting for remodeling your websites.

Do you know how to make a website? Most people probably say yes; however, do you really know how to make a good website for people who are reading text from top to bottom?
Our experienced designers know that. We maintain your website for selling more items to the Japanese market.

Art Production
Need Japanese-style anime art for your product? We can find artists for you.

We have a dozen of consigned artist in Japan. If you are looking for an illustration for your games, products, and/or store materials such as a store character.

>> See our consigned artists

We act as your customer service!

"e-Agent" is a low-cost translation service specialized for email communications. You can send an email to your customers in English, but they receive the emails in Japanese because we are in the middle of the conversation. Don't worry. The cost is extremely cheaper than regular translation because email is much easier to translate than manuals or contracts and because it is very short texts and most people ask similar questions.

Once you have our service, you have unlimited support for your email communication with your Japanese customers.

E2J+ provides import and export support for your business.

You'll never have to give up getting products for your business when you see "No international orders available" on Japanese stores or manufacturers. We help you get past that.

E2J+ helps you to import products from Japan even if the store or manufacturer is not taking international orders. We order them, and bring them to your store. Also, you don't need to worry about international money wiring. You can always pay in USD, and then we do that for you.

・English → Japanese
・Japanese → English

Web Site Creation:
・Web Design
・Website Translation
・Japanese Logo, Icon, and Buttom
・Banner with Japanese text

eCommerce Supports:
・Customer Service on behalf of your store (e-Agent)
・Advertising Agent
・Freight Forwarding
・Anime Style Illustration Order
・Interpreter (ONLY available for limited industry - Toys, Gaming)

Event Support:
・Tradeshow Support
・Creating & Printing Flyer
・Event Stuff (ONLY following states: WA, OR, CA)